52 Ancestors – Week 1: I’d Like To Meet

One of the many genealogy blogs/websites I follow is Amy Johnson Crow. She is a genealogist who came up with the idea of writing about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. I haven’t done it in the past but thought I’d give it a go this year. So, in addition to my Sunday blog post, I’ll be adding one during the week (hopefully) that follows that week’s theme. This week’s theme is “I’d like to meet…”

I’d like to meet my grandmother, Lillian Rebecca Bothwell Stabley. Here she is on her wedding day 17 Mar 1928. She married my grandfather, Bernard Stabley.

wedding photo in 1928 of Lillian Rebecca Bothwell and Bernard Stabley

This particular day was extra special because it was the 25th anniversary of Bernard’s parents, Eli Bernard Stabley and Ida Jane Dettinger. It was written up in all of the local papers.

“Mother Lillian” died in 1950 at the age of 41. She had a heart condition that today would be taken care of easily. My dad was only 16 years old. He said his mom had the best sense of humor and he had a happy childhood.

As I write this I’m getting a bit emotional…not sure why. I know I would have loved her as did everyone who met her. I had such a wonderful relationship with my maternal grandmother that I feel sad I didn’t get that chance with my dad’s mom. Her death changed his life forever.

Until next week…

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