“Gray Stabley was so helpful to me in gaining information about my ancestors in Colorado. Because of Gray, I was able to meet cousins I had never known and even found a book about my great great grandfather that I didn’t know had been written. Thank you, Gray, for connecting me with my past!” – Mary DuPont

We’ve all been there. We want to find our ancestors and discover their stories, but we find out it’s not quite as easy as we’re made to believe. It’s frustrating, overwhelming, and time-consuming. It seems impossible…It’s not impossible!

I’m Gray, a professional genealogist (and former local television meteorologist) in South Portland, Maine.

I believe finding our ancestors is a wonderful way to enrich our lives. Who we are today is a direct result of their struggles and successes.

If you want to know their stories, but don’t have the time or knowledge of how to find them, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s start with a conversation to discuss what you know and what you want to find out.

From there, I can either help you find the answers on your own or I can do the research for you. Here’s a sample of my work:

Finding the mother of Susanna Krewson

Let me know how I can help. I look forward to talking with you!

Your journey to the past starts here!

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