The Lost Scrapbook

My grandmother kept a scrapbook no one knew about. We spent several weeks at my grandparent’s house in Knoxville, Tennessee every summer growing up and it was never mentioned or brought out. I don’t think that was done purposefully, we just had too many other activities to do and it just got lost in the shuffle.

My cousin and his wife recently moved and found it. Since I don’t live near them, we went through the pictures over our phones and discovered photos I had never seen before.

Not all of the pictures were treasures but a few of them were!

My dad passed away over a decade ago, but he lived a full life. He was a chemist and an amazing pianist, but primarily he was a husband and father. He couldn’t wait to have a family once he and my mom married.

First came my brother. He was born before Christmas, so the tree is in the photo. This picture was a new one to me. My brother had never seen it either.

Next, came my older sister. This picture was already in my possession, but I love it just the same!

And finally, it’s my turn. Also, a never before seen photo.

It tugs at my heart to see my dad with each of his kids. And thanks to a forgotten scrapbook we will have these memories to cherish forever!

Genealogy Tip: Check in with family members to see what photos and memories they have. You never know what you might find!

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