A Taste Of The Past

Mom and dad in front of their house in Vermont

My parents used to vacation in Vermont every year. For 15 + years they would make the trek from Virginia to Vermont to enjoy the fall foliage, cross-country ski, or just appreciate time together in a beautiful state. Once my dad retired, they decided to make Vermont their home and start a new adventure.

They opened a B&B and welcomed guests from all over the world. Their little corner of the Northeast Kingdom allowed everyone to love the same things about New England that they loved.

The Inn on Pumpkin Lane sign

Since my dad was a wonderful pianist, music was always a big hit with new friends.

But so was the food. That was mom’s department. They put together a booklet that included recipes from family and friends, old standby favorites, and several from my dad’s childhood captured in a very old (and very worn) recipe book by his Aunt Carrie.

Recipe booklet from The Inn on Pumpkin Lane
Old recipe book from my dad's Aunt Carrie

One of my favorites was Lemon Butter (aka Lemon Curd):

Original lemon butter recipe
Recipe booklet lemon butter recipe.

I have fond memories of my Aunt Becky making lemon butter. I have never tried to make it myself, but I think it’s time! Check back with me next week to see how I did and if I discovered any other recipes from this treasured book.

Genealogy tip: Delving into the past doesn’t have to be all about records and documents. Find cookbooks and recipes from your family’s past and try them out on a new generation. You might just encourage a tradition that lasts for years to come.

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