I’m feeling a little philosophical today. Do you ever wonder why we like the things we do, our jobs or hobbies? This past month in the ProGen Study Group we were tasked with making an education plan. We examined our strengths and weaknesses in the education we’ve already had and made a detailed plan for the genealogy career we want to have and what it will take to get there. It’s so inspiring to listen to others talk about their goals and dreams. They give you the encouragement you need to reach yours!

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In conjunction with my ProGen assignment, I also took an online class where the instructor wanted us to get the root of why we love genealogy. The answer “I just do” is not an answer. When I kept asking myself the why question, I drilled down to the fact I like helping people and believe everyone deserves to connect with their past. That may not be my final “why” but it’s good for now.

To be able to help people discover their ancestors, it’s time to get my genealogy business started. Next month’s ProGen assignment is to write a business plan and I’ve joined the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). I’m in the process of deciding on a business name, logo, website, and everything needed to start a business in my town. It’s a bit overwhelming, but piece by piece it will all come together.

A friend of mine reminded me recently that done is better than perfect. So here’s to getting it done. I’ll let you know when I hang out my shingle!

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Reminder: Rootstech 2023 starts this Thursday, March 2nd, so if you haven’t registered for this wonderful conference (free and virtual), do it today. www.rootstech.org

Genealogy tip: To quote Geoff Rasmussen from Legacy Family Tree Webinars, “Life is short, do genealogy first.”

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