52 Ancestors – Week 2: Favorite Photo

This is a tough one…there are so many photos that I love. But if I had to pick one I think it would be this one…

picture of a happy mom and dad

This is my mom and dad. Mom says this was taken about 4 months after they were married. She thinks they were in Tennessee at her grandmother’s house telling her family that she was pregnant with their first child. She said dad was anxious to start a family right away and they did. About one year after they got married my brother was born. They both look so happy!

Just for kicks, I found a free site that will colorize your pics…

colorized picture of a happy mom and dad

Since this is the year for organizing/scanning all the old photos (gulp!) I’m sure I’ll come up with new favorites every day! But for now, I’ll enjoy this one.

Until next week…

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