Following in their Footsteps

It’s hard to believe fall has arrived. It’s always been one of my favorite seasons (thanks mom). Living in New England, I really enjoy the crisp air and beautiful colors.

It’s also when I get back to my newest hobby. In the last year, I have learned to crochet. It was a bit frustrating at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve only been making blankets so far. One I’ve kept and the others I’ve given away as gifts.

It’s nice to think I am following in the footsteps of my grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-aunt (all on my mom’s side) as they all knitted, crocheted, and left behind treasures with amazingly fond memories. Here’s a blanket I made with a vest and bonnet my great-grandmother and great-aunt made for my mom.

Even though these items are nice, the real “stars” of the crochet world in our family are these afghan squares that were supposed to be made into a blanket but never quite got there. Instead, they acted as hot dogs and hamburgers for the make-believe restaurant we ran as kids in my grandparent’s house in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their heating system had metal grates in the floor that served as our oven and stovetop. We would tear up different colored paper and offer our “special sauce” with every meal. Of course, whoever would “eat” our concoctions pretended to enjoy every bite.

The afghan squares are now a piece of art in my office. My brother, sister, and cousin have something similar to this in their homes. It may not be the prettiest craft I’ve made, but it’s nice to look across the room and see this piece of family history. It always brings back wonderful memories of my childhood.

Genealogy tip: Don’t let family history items sit in boxes where you can’t enjoy them. Bring them out, repurpose them and enjoy all the wonderful feelings they bring.

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  1. Hi Gray, This is wonderful! I couldn’t agree more – I love putting things on my walls that remind me of family and happy times. I tried to “like” your post, but it wouldn’t let me because I don’t have a WordPress account.

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