Finding The Details

Census records are one of the most fundamental records in which to find your ancestors. They give so much information and provide clues to other records we can search for. But they are just a snapshot of place and time every 10 years. If you want to find out what happened between census years youContinue reading “Finding The Details”

52 Ancestors – Week 9: Gone Too Soon

Unfortunately, the subject for this post is an easy one…Ben Stabley, my dad. He passed over a decade ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday. He was a great dad and loved his job as a chemist. But the thing that really set him apart was his music. My mom, who is thankfully still withContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 9: Gone Too Soon”

52 Ancestors – Week 6: Social Media

There are two kinds of social media I’m thinking of this week…both having to do with my grandfathers. One has its roots in the past with newspapers and the other in the present. I love researching newspapers to find the stories of my ancestors…everything from love to murder and every business under the sun. InContinue reading “52 Ancestors – Week 6: Social Media”