Finding Ancestors On A Budget

This time of year ads on tv are filled with sales on toys, home products, and ancestry, especially DNA kits (which are currently on sale until the end of the year). is a wonderful place to find your long, lost family. But did you know you can do the same thing for free? Familysearch.orgContinue reading “Finding Ancestors On A Budget”

Old Job – New Job Similarities

If you’ve seen my About page, you know I have a math degree from Longwood College (now University) and a meteorology degree from Lyndon State College (now Northern Vermont University – Lyndon). My skills as a meteorologist come in handy just about every day as my husband and I travel I95. I look at theContinue reading “Old Job – New Job Similarities”

What is a CMSR?

If you’re new to genealogy or don’t do genealogy at all, you may not be familiar with a CMSR…Compiled Military Service Record. I have a CMSR for two ancestors, one on my mom’s side (John Dunahoo) and one on my dad’s (Andrew Bothell). John’s packet is taking a while to look through because it isContinue reading “What is a CMSR?”