Census Records Are The Backbone Of Genealogy Research

I’ve been writing about Susanna Krewson Bothel, my 2x great-grandmother, in my ProGen Study Group Assignments as the Krewson line has been my focus for the last few months. The Krewson surname is on my dad’s mother’s side of the family and first appears through the marriage of Susanna Krewson and Andrew Bothel. Here’s aContinue reading “Census Records Are The Backbone Of Genealogy Research”

How You Can Find Forgotten Photos

Are you missing ancestor photos? Let me tell you the story of how I finally discovered a photo of my great-grandfather. I’ve always known my great-grandfather was a doctor and died as a young father. My grandmother was only nine months old when he died so she never knew him. Learning more about him andContinue reading “How You Can Find Forgotten Photos”