How To Enhance Your Genealogy Research

In life (and in your genealogy research), not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, you need a Plan B. And then other times you need a Plan C, D, and, well, you get the picture. This past week was one of those for my husband and me out on the road. Trailers are typically 13’6″Continue reading “How To Enhance Your Genealogy Research”

Figuring Out Why I Love Genealogy Research?

I’m feeling a little philosophical today. Do you ever wonder why we like the things we do, our jobs or hobbies? In the ProGen Study Group this past month, we had the task of creating an education plan. We examined our strengths and weaknesses in the education we’ve already had and made a detailed planContinue reading “Figuring Out Why I Love Genealogy Research?”

Family History Month & Goals

There are many days, weeks, and months named for something. For example, in October we have National Homemade Cookies Day and World Card Making Day. I don’t know who comes up with these things, but they are fun and trivial. October is also Family History Month and has its roots in the United States Congress…stillContinue reading “Family History Month & Goals”