Going The Extra Mile To Find Out More

This past week was the 121st anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Explosion. On the morning of 19 May 1902 Edith Hightower McKamey lost John, her husband of 33 years, but also three of her sons. This event and its impact on my ancestors have been the subject of my family narrative for the ProGen StudyContinue reading “Going The Extra Mile To Find Out More”

Negative Evidence and Why It’s Important

Last week I wrote about how I still have not found Edith McKamey in any record after April 1910. Many times we search for our ancestors, but they’re just not there. You think you know where they should be at a particular time, but they’re not. Those are negative searches and don’t necessarily tell youContinue reading “Negative Evidence and Why It’s Important”

You’ll Be Happy You Kept The Negative!

My family narrative is coming along. I have found plenty of information on the mine explosion that killed my 2x great-grandfather, John McKamey, especially in newspapers. But outside of a few census records, I can’t find much on his wife, Edith (Hightower) McKamey. So what do I do with the searches that didn’t yield anyContinue reading “You’ll Be Happy You Kept The Negative!”