Granny’s Wedding Day

What better way to resurrect a blog than with a wedding! On this day (May 29th) in 1919 my great-grandmother, Effie Eans Dennis married for the second time to Edwin Loy Rankin. Granny, as everyone called her, first married Samuel Patrick Donahoo, M.D. in 1893, but after only 12 years of marriage and 5 children,Continue reading “Granny’s Wedding Day”

The Sweetest Valentine

When we think about Valentine’s Day we may remember the little cards we put in paper sacks for our entire 4th grade class. Or as we got older, perhaps a box of chocolates, flowers or a dinner out. I’m going to guess most of us have never gotten a telegram for Valentine’s Day. Well, that’sContinue reading “The Sweetest Valentine”