Going The Extra Mile To Find Out More

This past week was the 121st anniversary of the Fraterville Mine Explosion. On the morning of 19 May 1902 Edith Hightower McKamey lost John, her husband of 33 years, but also three of her sons. This event and its impact on my ancestors has been the subject of my family narrative for the ProGen StudyContinue reading “Going The Extra Mile To Find Out More”

What Happened To The Widows and Orphans?

This past week I wrote a blog post about the Fraterville Mine explosion and how it affected my ancestors. But on 19 May 1902, hundreds of women became widows, leaving up to 1,000 orphans.1 The town of Briceville and nearby Knoxville quickly rallied to help the immediate needs of these families.2 In the 26 MayContinue reading “What Happened To The Widows and Orphans?”

A Charged Man In The Family Is Exonerated

This is week 7 of the 52 Ancestors Challenge and the theme, Outcast, has me a little stumped. No one ancestor comes to mind. No one in the family robbed banks (that I know of) or had a terribly contagious disease. The closest I can come to an outcast is this guy…Tipton Hightower (and whatContinue reading “A Charged Man In The Family Is Exonerated”