Do You Know Your Dog’s Family Tree?

A little over 50 years ago (yikes!) I bought a dachshund and named him Schatzie. Dachshunds have always been my favorite breed of dog. His official name was Gray’s Klein Schatz or Gray’s Little Sweetheart. He was the runt of the litter…so tiny, but so adorable. I hadn’t thought about Schatzie in years, but cleaningContinue reading “Do You Know Your Dog’s Family Tree?”

Seeing Your Family In A New Way

Did you know you can view your family tree in different ways? Every genealogy company or software program calls them different things, but each may help provide you with a way to make connections and tear down brick walls. While the traditional family tree follows a linear structure, various alternative views offer a more uniqueContinue reading “Seeing Your Family In A New Way”