It’s Been An Exciting Week!

Last week I had some unexpected time off (truck troubles), so I decided to register my new genealogy research business with my city. The official launch is coming soon. I also started a complete overhaul of this website. This will be ongoing over the next few weeks until I get it all done. To topContinue reading “It’s Been An Exciting Week!”

Figuring Out Why I Love Genealogy Research?

I’m feeling a little philosophical today. Do you ever wonder why we like the things we do, our jobs or hobbies? In the ProGen Study Group this past month, we had the task of creating an education plan. We examined our strengths and weaknesses in the education we’ve already had and made a detailed planContinue reading “Figuring Out Why I Love Genealogy Research?”

What Genealogy Research Goals Do You Have?

So, it’s the start of a new year. I love this time for reflecting on the past and figuring out what I’d like to see in the coming year. How did I do on my genealogy research goals for the last quarter of 2022? Pretty good, I think! Education and Skill-building: After years of tryingContinue reading “What Genealogy Research Goals Do You Have?”