Why It’s Important To Remember Long Forgotten Ancestors

This past week I spent time researching my maternal side…the Dennis line of Giles County, Virginia. While I pieced together the family of Henry G. Dennis and Mary Jane Borden, I was drawn to their son, John Borden Dennis. He is not a direct ancestor. In fact, he’s my 1st cousin 4x removed. There wasContinue reading “Why It’s Important To Remember Long Forgotten Ancestors”

How Cleaning My Office Led To New Genealogy Research

It was time. As I set out to declutter and organize my home office, little did I know that such a routine task would lead to a wonderful new database to explore. In genealogy, we are looking for records that provide more names, dates, and connections to our ancestors. In this blog post, I’ll shareContinue reading “How Cleaning My Office Led To New Genealogy Research”

Why It’s Important To Prove Parentage

One of the most fundamental things we can do as genealogists is to prove parentage. It’s important we correctly link the generations before moving up the family tree. If we don’t, we may be tracing someone else’s family instead of our own. Depending on the time and place, proving parents can be easy or challenging.Continue reading “Why It’s Important To Prove Parentage”